Byron Sneed

Optimistic and ready to work, Byron is excited by the opportunity he has found in the company. He attributes his success to his faith and believes this is his chance to develop professionally and one day own his own business. Byron attends the University of South Alabama where he studies Communications and Psychology. Fun facts about Byron: He plays football and enjoys working out.

Donald South

Donald is a graduate of the University of South Alabama where he earned his degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. In his free time, Donald enjoys games of all kinds, including pc, console, and tabletop games. His goals are to buy a home for his wife-to-be, repay his parents for all of the assistance they provided him through the years, and possibly start a family. Fun facts about Donald: He can sing the alphabet backwards and is a huge trivia buff.

Eric Bollinger

Eric is an Account Manager who aspires to one day be a Regional Consultant. He enjoys reading, learning new skills, and volunteering for a new cause each month. Eric is passionate about teaching and helping others achieve their goals. Fun facts about Eric: He is an internationally ranked Taekwondo fighter and regularly donates to NPR and local cat shelters.

Jennifer Smith

Swimming before she could walk, Jennifer has been diving in to new projects head first since the beginning. Her goal is to be promoted to assistant manager and complete a team with at least three leaders. Jennifer is passionate about her family and hopes to be remembered as a person who helps others reach their goals successfully. Fun facts about Jennifer: Her favorite activities are fishing, kayaking and scuba diving. She was the President of the University of Florida Scuba Club.

Kyle Andrew Hodge

A natural leader, Kyle was promoted to Leadership within a few weeks of joining the company. He has goals to graduate the management program and open an office in a new location as well as potentially expand into the restaurant business. Kyle enjoys working more than the average person. He appreciates the abundance of growth potential in this business and will work endlessly to chase it to the top. Fun facts about Kyle: He has a fishing rodeo trophy and he is infatuated with cars and music.

Maria Tomaszewski

Maria is a graduate of Portland State University where she received her degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In the next year she hopes to be an Executive Regional Manager as well as start construction on her dream home. Maria is passionate about helping others and is a huge advocate for civil service members. She plans to either start her own domestic violence charity or contribute largely to one already established. Fun Facts about Maria: She loves doing hair and makeup as well as woodworking.

R.J. McKinley

Passionate and driven, R.J. works to better himself as well as those around him. His professional goals are aligned with his personal goals in that he strives to be financially stable with a great home while continuing to help those in need. R.J.’s strong entrepreneur mindset is what earned him his promotion to account management and will likely be what carries him throughout his career. Fun facts about R.J.: He has a son he adores and he used to cheer in college.