Summertime Success Strategies

We’ve made constant improvement a cornerstone of our Vitality Consulting culture. When summertime rolls around, we take full advantage of the developmental opportunities it provides. Here are a few ways we set ourselves up for lasting success during the summer months.

Taking courses online is one great way to seize summer downtime. If there are on-campus courses at local universities, you might also consider working them into your schedule. It’s always a good idea to invest in your professional development, and the slower summer season tends to make it easier to do so.

We also build our writing muscles during the summertime, adding to our journals or posting articles to LinkedIn and other online platforms. We’ve learned a lot through our Vitality Consulting pursuits. We’re happy to share our insights to help others grow as well. The fact that we build our own personal brands through our publishing efforts is a bonus.

Summer is also a great time to indulge passion projects you may not have time for during the rest of the year. Whether it’s a symposium on a business topic, mentoring young professionals, or some other engaging pursuit, you can use the summer slowdown to pursue your interests.

These are a few of the best ways we know of to maximize the summer months for professional growth. Follow Vitality Consulting on Twitter and join our discussion on success strategies.