Straightforward Career Advancement Strategies

You have to lay the groundwork for a promotion, even as you perform at a high level in your current role. As we discuss our Vitality Consulting career goals, the following simple strategies for owning our advancement come up again and again.

Being self-aware enough to understand our strengths is one thing we’ve found highly valuable in our advancement efforts. We focus on articulating our best traits and abilities, but we take the whole process a step further. We also do our best to link our strengths to our passions so that we know which talents are true reflections of who we are as people. Doing so helps us make even stronger cases for our advancement.

We’ve learned that we have to be advocates for our own career growth. This means being vocal about our aspirations with top decision makers as well as our colleagues. It means taking full advantage of all the developmental programs Vitality Consulting provides.

It’s also helpful to ask for feedback we can apply to move forward in our careers. Not only can we make meaningful improvements based on what we hear, the act of asking for such input displays a real commitment to getting better.

We’re applying these strategies to position ourselves for regular promotions.