PRESS RELEASE: Vitality Consulting’s President Attends Exotic Retreat

MOBILE, AL – The President of Vitality Consulting discussed her experience at a rest and relaxation retreat in the Dominican Republic. She also highlighted her best tips for networking at big industry events.

Travel opportunities come up frequently for members of Team Vitality Consulting. Jennifer Lyons, the firm’s President, recently attended a rest and relaxation trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. She explained, “This retreat represented so much of what makes business travel rewarding. It was a great opportunity to network and learn from other leaders within our division.”

There was plenty of fun in the sun during the retreat, but Lyons made the most of the professional growth potential of the event as well. “Being around other people who are hungry for success was very inspiring,” she added. “I made connections that will benefit my career and my team. It’s great that Vitality Consulting emphasizes travel perks like the Punta Cana trip to help us all learn more about the business.”

The fresh perspective that comes with traveling far from the office is one of the prime benefits of business trips. The President remarked, “Whether or not you go to an exotic locale such as Punta Cana, breaking away from work routines is an ideal way to get a revitalized outlook on the value of your work. When I was meeting other leaders during the retreat, I got a real motivation boost from sharing details on Vitality Consulting’s innovative projects.”

Vitality Consulting’s President Offers Networking Advice for Industry Events

Even though travelers are surrounded by talented people at industry gatherings, it’s important to approach networking strategically. Lyons commented, “I remind my team members of a few simple techniques before every trip to help them make strong connections. If they don’t have a plan, it’s easy for them to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential contacts attending an event.”

The President believes a bit of online research goes a long way toward making networking efforts more successful. She explained, “Just about every event has a social media page dedicated to it, on which you can learn about who will be in attendance. After scanning a few LinkedIn profiles, our people are prepared to add to their Vitality Consulting contact lists.”

Setting attainable goals is another important aspect of effective networking. This is doubly true at crowded industry functions. Lyons recommends that her team members focus on making a handful of solid connections rather than just collecting a stack of business cards. She concluded, “It’s definitely more about quality than quantity when it comes to networking, so narrowing your efforts to a few potentially valuable contacts is the best way to go.”

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