PRESS RELEASE: Vitality Consulting, Inc. Highlights Promotion and Retreat

MOBILE, AL – Vitality Consulting, Inc.’s Director of Operations discussed a recent promotion and a memorable retreat to Las Vegas. She also shared her thoughts on the value of team member recognition.

The leadership group at Vitality Consulting, Inc. is serious about recognizing and rewarding the hard work put in by their associates. Whether it’s in the form of a promotion or a unique travel opportunity, the company’s executives make sure great performance doesn’t go unnoticed. “We were proud to combine recognition and promotion over the past few weeks,” stated Jennifer L., the Director of Operations. “Donald S. was elevated to a leadership role due to his dedication, and our team also attended the annual rest and relaxation retreat in Las Vegas. We also chose Eric B. to join us in Las Vegas as he’s a top leader with us!”

Jennifer is confident that Donald will thrive in his new position, and she is also certain that a fine time was had by all at the Las Vegas retreat. “We had a wonderful experience at the retreat,” she remarked. “Every year I feel as if I learn something new at the event. This year the takeaway was that you have to work hard for what you want, otherwise you’ll have what you’ve always had.”

Annie G., a Vitality Consulting, Inc. administrator, was chosen to attend the retreat. The Director commented, “Annie is so talented, and she brings such a strong work ethic to every day on the job. We wanted to make sure she was recognized for everything she does for our company.” Annie herself added, “I am honored to have been chosen to attend the R&R, and it really brings to fruition all the effort I have exerted over the last year.”

Vitality Consulting, Inc.’s Director of Operations Examines Team Recognition

 Jennifer understands that it’s difficult for some leaders to give adequate recognition to their team members. She stated, “It’s natural to think more about what’s ahead than what has already been achieved, but I think recognition is the best way to keep people engaged in their work.” At Vitality Consulting, Inc., people know their efforts will be appreciated and that advancement is a real priority. “We never want our team members to feel like their work isn’t valued. That’s why we offer clear pathways to promotions and a range of incentives to our associates.”

The Director also believes in tying recognition efforts to company goals as often as possible. “Random types of affirmations don’t really mean much in the long run,” she remarked. “We try to make every incentive and reward relevant to the larger Vitality Consulting, Inc. mission. That’s why the retreat is such a productive getaway; it helps our people connect with influential leaders while they celebrate their own achievements.”

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