PRESS RELEASE-Vitality Consulting, Inc. Announces Promotions, Charity Work

MOBILE, AL – The management of Vitality Consulting, Inc. recently announced that they promoted a team member to a leadership role. In addition, the interactive marketing firm’s team participated in a fundraiser to support a local family.

“It’s been quite a month at Vitality Consulting, Inc.,” stated Jennifer Lyons, the company’s Director of Operations. “Lots of positive things going on.”

Jennifer’s first announcement highlighted the promotion of Vitality Consulting, Inc. team member, Scotty. “We recently promoted him to leadership and we are absolutely over the moon for him,” she said. “He has really grown with our firm and we know he’ll flourish in his new role here.”

As Jennifer noted, the firm has a progressive advancement policy based on merit. “Unlike many companies that recruit for upper-level positions outside as well as within the company, we look to our own team when it comes to who is ready to move to the next level,” she said.

“Our philosophy is two-fold,” she added. “First, we’re investing considerable money in on-going training and professional development for our associates. It’s not in our best interests to allow our team members to move on to other firms and let them benefit from that knowledge. Second, having a viable career track is an incentive to work hard and deliver top-level efforts each day.”

Vitality Consulting, Inc.’s Manager Describes Team’s Recent Giveback Efforts

Hard workers are only one quality that sets the Vitality Consulting, Inc. team apart from the rest. “We also have huge hearts,” said Jennifer. She explained how the team recently pulled together to help a family in need.

“Earlier this month, we joined together with 3Circle Church in Springhill, AL to help a family who lost their home in a recent fire,” she explained. “It was humbling to see the folks that came together to support this lovely family.”

As Jennifer explained, the company philosophy is centered heavily on philanthropy. “In particular, we enjoy helping others in our community,” she added. “Like this family, who lost so much. This isn’t just about charity. It’s about extending a hand to our neighbors and helping them through tough times.”

“We’re a growing firm, which is highlighted by our recent team member promotions,” Jennifer continued. “With our success, we need to share the blessings. Helping others through volunteering or fundraising is an exceptional way in which to show our gratitude for the community that has supported us.”

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