Our President Wins Prestigious Award

There were countless things to like about the recent R&R event in Punta Cana, including all the new Vitality Consulting contacts our people made and the helpful lessons they learned. Amid all the excitement of the retreat, our company President, Jennifer, won the Comeback Manager of the Year award.

“I was honored to win this award,” Jennifer stated. “It is directly related to how I handle the challenges in my life. I believe every challenge or obstacle you are presented with requires you to commit rather than quit. My team is a perfect reflection of this, because everyone sets goals and takes accountability for them no matter the difficulties they might encounter.”

Jennifer believes being organized is a large part of effective management. She explained, “When we plan for a big project, I want to be sure everyone knows what he or she is responsible for achieving. I also think it’s important to measure small milestones as we progress toward major successes. That requires a lot of planning as well, but it’s a great way to keep people focused on the desired outcome.”

Our President is also adept at delegation, because she trusts us to apply our unique talents to achieve winning results. This keeps us engaged around the Vitality Consulting office and helps us build confidence in our own abilities as well.

Jennifer was a deserving recipient of the Comeback Manager of the Year award.