Summertime Success Strategies

We’ve made constant improvement a cornerstone of our Vitality Consulting culture. When summertime rolls around, we take full advantage of the developmental opportunities it provides. Here are a few ways we set ourselves up for lasting success during the summer months. Taking courses online is one great way to seize summer downtime. If there are […]

Our Favorite Motivational Quotes

We often look to our favorite high achievers for advice on staying motivated. People from a variety of industries have provided Team Vitality Consulting with inspiring words of wisdom over the years. Here are a few of our favorite quotes that give us extra motivation when we really need it. Real estate investor and “Shark […]

Effective Ways to Build Your Network

We use a wide range of methods to expand our Vitality Consulting networks. In the process, we add valuable contacts that help advance our careers. Here are the strategies we’ve found most helpful in adding professional allies to our networks. Taking part in volunteer events is one reliable way to add likeminded people to our […]

Simple Tips for Public Speaking Confidence

Speaking in front of a large audience causes some level of anxiety for just about everyone. Here at Vitality Consulting HQ, we’re working to become more confident presenters because we know how valuable public speaking skills are in reaching our career goals. Here are a few things we keep in mind to gain confidence before […]

Easy Techniques for Making Better Small Talk

Networking helps us accelerate every aspect of Vitality Consulting’s growth. It is an impact multiplier that opens doors to new opportunities and enhances existing initiatives. Small talk is an important part of networking. Despite the phrase, small talk can be challenging to master. Below are several easy techniques to improve your chatting skills: Stay Authentic: […]

Ways to Build Trust and Influence as an Ethical Leader

Trust and influence are pivotal to the Vitality Consulting experiential marketing strategy. So, we spend a lot of time learning how to develop such relationships with consumers. We have found that approaching interactions with our audiences as ethically as possible is the only option. Here are a few ways to build trust and increase influence […]

Getting the Most Impact From Mentorship

Every new Vitality Consulting team member receives extensive training in every aspect of our business. A major component of this is mentorship from a veteran manager. Such relationships can be immensely impactful on one’s career success. Here are a few guidelines for maximizing the effect of mentorship. Don’t be afraid to seek help whenever you […]

The Value of Giving Back to the Community

Community service is a core component of the Vitality Consulting culture. We bring our team members together to give back as a group on a regular basis. Of course, philanthropy is good for society and helps those receiving assistance. However, it can also be extremely valuable for those giving help. Jen L., our Director of […]

Adopt These Promotion-Worthy Practices

A culture that stresses career growth is one of our best Vitality Consulting assets. We benefit from clear pathways to advancement and from the fact that promotions are based on merit rather than politics or seniority. Through our pursuits, we have learned that the following simple behaviors are keys to earning regular promotions. Going beyond […]

Motivating Quotes on the Value of Ambition

Ambition is a virtue for Team Vitality Consulting. In fact, we regularly set aggressive goals to keep ourselves motivated. We also look to inspiring words of wisdom on the subject of ambition to stay engaged in our professional pursuits. Here are a few of our favorite quotes about how healthy it is to aim high […]