Adopt These Promotion-Worthy Practices

A culture that stresses career growth is one of our best Vitality Consulting assets. We benefit from clear pathways to advancement and from the fact that promotions are based on merit rather than politics or seniority. Through our pursuits, we have learned that the following simple behaviors are keys to earning regular promotions. Going beyond […]

Motivating Quotes on the Value of Ambition

Ambition is a virtue for Team Vitality Consulting. In fact, we regularly set aggressive goals to keep ourselves motivated. We also look to inspiring words of wisdom on the subject of ambition to stay engaged in our professional pursuits. Here are a few of our favorite quotes about how healthy it is to aim high […]

Simple Ways to Improve as a Public Speaker

Anyone can become a competent public speaker. This is good news, because being a strong presenter is a boon to career advancement. Public speaking is a frequent topic of Vitality Consulting conversation. Along the way, we have determined that the following simple strategies are good for making improvements in this key area. Being prepared without […]

PRESS RELEASE: Vitality Consulting Attends Conference, Honors Promotion

MOBILE, AL – Vitality Consulting’s Director of Operations detailed a recent leadership conference and the networking benefits it provided. She also highlighted a newly promoted associate and shared her thoughts on building successful habits. Industry events are ideal opportunities for people to sharpen their skills and expand their networks. Vitality Consulting team members recently made […]

Strengthen Your Mind to Succeed

Mental toughness is one of the key attributes shared by high achievers. It’s also something we stress to our Vitality Consulting team members. Our leaders have a few tips that will help you refine your mental approach and become more resilient throughout your career journey. Successful people use the power of intention to project into […]

How Giving Back Helps Your Recruiting Efforts

Vitality Consulting continues to build a reputation as a caring industry leader, and our philanthropic efforts help lead the way. Our leaders have found that social awareness is key to our growth and our recruiting. Here are a few ways giving back will make your company more attractive to top-flight candidates. Supporting good causes makes […]

Apply These Powerful Motivational Methods

Staying motivated day in and day out allows our Vitality Consulting associates to achieve their most aggressive goals. If you want to emulate our team’s efforts and keep your people motivated, we suggest that you put the following tips into action without delay. One thing you must do is take a moment to celebrate every […]

Vitality Consulting Builds Dynamic Leaders

“It’s that time of year when we at Vitality Consulting are looking for new graduates to participate in our management training program,” stated Jen L., our firm’s President. This is an exciting time for our leaders, because they have always emphasized in-depth training and development. Jen explained, “Preparing talented graduates for success is one of […]

How to Create a More Agile Work Culture

You must be able to adapt to changes in the marketplace if you want to maintain prosperity, and our Vitality Consulting leaders have worked hard to create an agile work culture. Here are a few simple strategies that will help you do the same and prepare your associates to adjust to any circumstance. The first […]

The Business Benefits of Giving Back

There are many benefits to be gained from giving to good causes, including stronger morale among your associates. A more engaged team will be better equipped to work together and achieve big wins. We at Vitality Consulting believe it’s also important to consider the commercial benefits of giving back. Our leaders would like to highlight […]