Network Like an Expert at Your Next Conference

Conferences represent some of the best networking opportunities. We train our Vitality Consulting associates to treat every industry conference they attend as a prime chance to connect with top performers and leaders of all types. Here are a few things you must do if you want to make the most of the next big industry gathering you attend.

You should start by doing research on any event you want to attend. Before you commit to any conference or other industry function, make sure you know who will be in attendance and what types of value they can offer to your career pursuits. Check out social media pages related to every event you consider to get a feel for the schedule and what the networking potential might be.

We at Vitality Consulting believe it’s still important to bring business cards with you to any big industry gathering. Even in our digital world, a business card still has value as a personal memento of every new connection you make. There are lots of good scanner apps available that make it easy to enter details from the cards you collect into your phone or database.

It’s also important to know your limits when it comes to making new connections at a crowded event. If you’re tired and ready to call it a day, don’t force yourself into another discussion with a potential ally. You won’t be able to make a strong impression if you aren’t in top form.

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