How Giving Back Helps Your Recruiting Efforts

Vitality Consulting continues to build a reputation as a caring industry leader, and our philanthropic efforts help lead the way. Our leaders have found that social awareness is key to our growth and our recruiting. Here are a few ways giving back will make your company more attractive to top-flight candidates.

Supporting good causes makes it clear that your company backs up its core values with real actions. Make this common ground in beliefs and values clear to candidates and it will become much easier to bring them into the fold.

We at Vitality Consulting also believe that giving your team members lots of time off to volunteer will help you recruit the best talent. Not only will you show potential hires that you trust your people to support their own passions, your team members will sharpen their skills the more they take part in giveback pursuits.

You need to get as much media attention for your social giving as possible, especially if you want it to resonate with jobseekers. The more you get your message of selflessness out to the public, the better your odds of reaching top talent that might otherwise never hear about your company. Consider using press releases and local media coverage to give your giveback pursuits more visibility.

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