Getting the Most Impact From Mentorship

Every new Vitality Consulting team member receives extensive training in every aspect of our business. A major component of this is mentorship from a veteran manager. Such relationships can be immensely impactful on one’s career success. Here are a few guidelines for maximizing the effect of mentorship.

Don’t be afraid to seek help whenever you may need it. This starts by finding one or more mentors who can share their experience with you. However, this guideline extends beyond the initial relationship creation. Ask questions and accept assistance from your mentor. Be humble enough to recognize the value of others’ perspectives and insights.

Sometimes the best advice and help comes from surprising places. For example, working hard on seemingly menial tasks may catch the eye of a senior manager. A key aspect of the Vitality Consulting culture is dedication to doing every task excellently. Having a mentality of always giving 100 percent can lead to some unexpected growth, especially when working with mentors.

Mentorship is a two-way street. The person or persons giving you advice are offering a lot of assistance. So, find ways to support them. This may mean taking on additional tasks or being flexible with your schedule to find time to meet. However, making this extra effort will make the relationship even more meaningful.

These guidelines will help you get more out of having a mentor. Like Vitality Consulting on Facebook to learn more about how we approach training and learning.