Effective Ways to Build Your Network

We use a wide range of methods to expand our Vitality Consulting networks. In the process, we add valuable contacts that help advance our careers. Here are the strategies we’ve found most helpful in adding professional allies to our networks.

Taking part in volunteer events is one reliable way to add likeminded people to our contacts lists. You’ll meet people from different industries when you give back, which often leads to interesting insights and unexpected opportunities for growth. The fact that you get to make a difference in the process is just icing on the cake.

We’ve also found that bringing along a trusted colleague makes networking a bit more productive. It’s nice to have someone with you who can vouch for your talents. Having someone at your side also makes it easier to draw other people into your conversations. On top of those benefits, this is also a nice way to get to know someone you work with on a deeper level.

Alumni networks have helped enhance our connecting efforts as well. With one shared interest already in place, it’s a bit easier to find further common ground. Like with volunteering, we use this strategy to add people from varying industries to our Vitality Consulting contact lists.

These methods have aided our networking pursuits considerably. Find more of our connecting tips by following Vitality Consulting on Twitter.