Easy Techniques for Making Better Small Talk

Networking helps us accelerate every aspect of Vitality Consulting’s growth. It is an impact multiplier that opens doors to new opportunities and enhances existing initiatives. Small talk is an important part of networking. Despite the phrase, small talk can be challenging to master. Below are several easy techniques to improve your chatting skills:

  • Stay Authentic: Try to keep an element of yourself in every conversation. People will tend to be curious about things you are passionate about. If you love food for example, talk about cooking or restaurants. Similarly, ask others about the things they get excited about. Use this approach to find something you both enjoy.
  • Offer Something to Talk About: A common issue people face when networking is struggling to find topics of conversations. An excellent strategy for addressing this matter is to offer up an interesting fact about yourself. If this allows others to follow up with questions or to share similar facts about themselves, you will have opened a new avenue of discussion.
  • Give Genuine Compliments: Building rapport is essential to a lot of Vitality Consulting’s work. A great way to do so is to compliment others. However, it is important to be genuine. Compliments are best when they are work-related and substantive.
  • Avoid Complaining: Try to stay away from the negativity whenever networking. People will get a great impression of you if you keep the mood positive. Create a friendly, welcoming environment when you are meeting others.

These techniques will help you make better small talk right away. Find other ideas like these from Vitality Consulting by liking us on Facebook.