Competing to Attend Dallas Conference

We use all types of events to reinforce team morale around Vitality Consulting HQ. Office competitions are at the top of the list, because they give us prime incentives to work toward while sharpening our focus on our goals. Right now, we’re having a sales competition to see who will qualify for the upcoming Dallas Leadership Conference.

Jennifer, our President, stated, “Healthy competition in the office helps us build morale, and is a big part of our work culture. With a contest like the one we have going on now, our whole team gets excited about the chance to prove themselves as leaders. The conference will provide many developmental and networking benefits, so everyone on Team Vitality Consulting wants to have the chance to attend.”

Healthy competition also breeds accountability, because everyone is invested in achieving the best possible results. Although each member of our team is vying for the right to attend the conference, we’re also helping each other succeed in the process. After the event is over, we’ll be better equipped to support our colleagues as we work toward major objectives. Our motivation is higher than ever thanks to this contest, so we’re already looking forward to the next big challenge.

We’re eager to find out who will earn the right to go to Dallas.